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2005 Regional Champions
10,000 PS Dan Cristiani 6200 2WD Wayne Sullivan
9300 SF Mac Darnell 7500 SSDT Terry Martin
6200 4WD Steve Clem    
2004 Regional Champions
10,000 PS Scott Teipen 6200 4WD Steve Clem
9300 SF Jimmy True 6200 2WD Keith Long
2003 Regional Champions
10,000 PS Trent Boyd 6200 2WD Ricky Long
6200 4WD RB Moler    
2002 Regional Champions
8000 DSS John Weiss 6200 4WD Steve Clem
10,000 PS Steve Boyd 6200 2WD Keith Long
9300 SF Justin Wagler    
2001 Regional Champions
5700 LSS Mike Savey 6200 4WD Jason Jacks
10,000 PS Mickey Shorter 6200 2WD Mike Rodgers
9300 SF Terry Benson    


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