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2WD- two wheel drive trucks, 4WD- four wheel drive trucks, EXH- exhibition vehicle, LtPS- light pro stock
- limited pro stock, MINI- mini rod, MOD- modified tractor, PS- pro stock, SEMI- semi trucks
SF- super farm, SM4WD- super modified 4x4, SS4WD- super stock 4x4
SSDT- super stock diesel trucks, SS- super stock

Quamme Kimberly 2019 2019 MINI Well Oiled Machine Baden, PA  
Quant JR 1991 1996 PS Sweet Little 66 Mason, IL IH 1466
Quant JR 2014 2014 PS Bite N Binder Altamont, IL  CIH MX
Queen Bruce 1971 1972 SS   Newark, OH IH 560
Queen Jim 1978 1979 4WD Citrus Ford Inverness, FL 78 Ford
Quick Doyle 1971 1973 SS   Odin, IL MM 5 Star
Quick Gary 1971 1974 SS   Odin, IL MM G1000
Quindt JR 2009 2009 PS Melt Down Hoylton, IL IH 3688
Quinn Don 1982 1988 MOD Ruth L Zanesville, OH 2-Chevys
Quinn Don 1986 1987 MOD Shenandoah Zanesville, OH  

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