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2013 Silver Series Point Standings

  9500 Limited Pro Stock      
1)  Tony McDonald Darlington, WI Well Spent 441
2)  Brandon/ Dustin Hart Fayette, MO Beyond Limits 415
3)  Gerry/ Mike Gerlach Stockton, IL G Force 401
4)  Rod Schottel Savannah, MO Ole Black Magic 393
5)  Steve/ Alex Kier Rea, MO Midnight Screamer 378
6) Doug Ruth Downing, MO Ruthless Binder 365
7)  Rich/ Jordan Warren Scotts City, MO Cotton Mouth 361
8) Chris Waegele Mound City, MO Jolly Green Giant 263
9) Connie Mullenix Unionville, MO Gopher 247
10) Scott Olson Monroe, WI Tough Sleddin 178
  7500 Super Stock Diesel Truck    
1) Shane Kellog Kenton, OH Gotta Have It 437
2-3) Van Haisley Fairmont, IN Rock Hard Ram 395
2-3) Matt Clemons Wakeman, OH Alter Ego 395
4) Calvin Miller Guys Mills, PA Runnin In the Red 391
5) Kent Crowder Attica, IN Scheid Diesel 387
6) Brad Deeter Burgettstown, PA Pullin' To Please 357
7) Erik Stacey Winchester, OH Smokinya 213
8) Kyle Michael Urbana, OH Climax 197
9) Carl Atley Xenia, OH Lethal Weapon 134
  7800 Pro Stock Diesel Truck      
1) Tyson Dillard Fountain Run, KY Smokin II 555
2) Curt Haisley Fairmount, IN Off Constantly 547
3) Tyler Dillard Fountain Run, KY Smokin 545
4) Andy Sauer Flemingsburg, KY Justified 524
5) Terry Biggs Noblesville, IN 24 Valve Blackout 522
6) Mike Wiesehan Payne, OH Dark Horse 495
7) Chris Muhs Birmingham, IA White Lightning 474
8) Jeremy Tedrow Delta. OH Gunsmoke 460
9) Brad Ingram Faring, IL Scheid Diesel 453
10) Chris Webb Van Wert, OH Live Load 434


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