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2016 Silver Series Point Standings

  9500 Limited Pro Stock      
1)  Tony McDonald Darlington, WI Well Spent 371
2)  Drew/ Stuart Mager Rockville, IN Bullheaded Binder 365
3)  Quinton Hartman Haubstadt, IN International Addiction 340
4)  Nick/ Tom Gallitz Jefferson, WI Runnin in the Red 332
5)  Justin Wagler Morgantown, IN Real Deere 331
6) Al Wright/ Kathy Gallitz Johnson's Creek, WI Running Red Hot 306
7)  Rich/ Jordan Warren Scotts City, MO Cotton Mouth 249
8-9)  Dustin Ruth Downing, MO 2 Ruthless 237
8-9) Steve/ Alex Kier Rea, MO Midnight Screamer 237
10) Doug Ruth Downing, MO Ruthless Binder 221
  2050 Mini Rod      
1) Bruce Slagh Zeeland, MI Show No Mercy 495
2) Tyler Slagh Zeeland, MI Have No Mercy 465
3) Dennis/ Keith Horst Chambersburg, PA Red Fox 459
4) Bruce/ Tyler Slagh Zeeland, MI Expect No Mercy 447
5) Rick Peters Thornville, OH Buckeye Special 433
6) Grayson/ Reese Shelton New London, NC Splinter 347
7) Bill Leischner Weldon, IL Bobcat Jr 301
8) Ross Herr Bridgewater, IA Boot Scootin Boogie 264
9) Greg Nordahl Mondovi, WI Mini No Mo 210
10) Greg Nordahl Mondovi, WI Sik of It 204
  7800 Pro Stock Diesel Truck      
1) Matt Penn Edina, MO Penn Farms 462
2) Curt Haisley/ Jacob Bair Fairmount, IN Off Constantly 442
3) Jon Bair Summitville, IN Grin N Bair It 426
4) Evan/ Neal Smoot Eaton, IN Barnyard Bandit 422
5) Todd/ Jared Cox Oakwood, IL Boosted Outlaw 388
6) Jeremy Tedrow Delta. OH Gunsmoke 366
7) Terry Biggs Noblesville, IN 24 Valve Blackout 333
8) Rod/ Dalton Tarr Rochester, IL Twisted Metal 323
9) Chase/ Mark Eller Lafayette, TN Burley Xpress 321
10) Andy Sauer Flemingsburg, KY Justified 239


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