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2018 Silver Series Point Standings

  9500 Limited Pro Stock      
1) Justin Wagler Morgantown, IN Real Deere 642
2) John Meier Jr Brodhead, WI Meier Performance 532
3-4) Chad Russell Table Grove, IL Shoot To Thrill 486
3-4) Connie Mullenix Unionville, MO Gopher 486
5) Brad Hartman Haubstadt, IN Hardcore Addiction 484
6) Steve Bousema Worthington, MN Special Edition 477
7) Quinton Hartman Haubstadt, IN International Addiction 440
8) Mike Bousema Worthington, MN Limited Edition 418
9) Doug Ruth Downing, MO Ruthless Binder 293
10) Larry Steinmann Marthasville, MO Gateway Deere 282
  7800 Pro Stock Diesel Truck      
1) Matt Penn Edina, MO Penn Farms 576
2) Rod/ Dalton Tarr Rochester, IL Twisted Metal 546
3) Jared/ Jayden Cox Oakwood, IL Boosted Outlaw 540
4-5) Terry Biggs Noblesville, IN Dead Pull 530
4-5) Keith Witt Warrenton, MO Cross Wire 530
6) Nathan Vegh Shelbyville, KY Jumping Jack Flash 476
7) Brad Ingram Faring, IL Scheid Diesel 393
8) Josh Stahl Sandwich, IL Thicker Than Blood 296
9) Jim Greenway Nixa, MO Gertrude 264
10) Jared Ripp Dane, WI Farmer's Nightmare 175


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