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2019 Silver Series Point Standings

  9500 Limited Pro Stock      
1 Justin Wagler Morgantown, IN Real Deere 540
2 Mark Wells Sturgis, KY For A Few Dollars More 450
3 Brett Hackstadt Nashville, IL 618 Motorsports 384
4 Chad Russell Table Grove, IL Shoot To Thrill 373
5 Connie Mullenix Unionville, MO Gopher 154
6 Mike Gerlach Stockton, IL G-Force 144
6 Darin Ratermann Bartelso, IL Full Boar 144
8 Dan Hensley Franklin, IN Hurricane Deere 130
9 Dustin Ruth Downing, MO 2 Ruthless 122
10 Randy Stuckenschneider Martinsburg, MO Family Feud 104
  7800 Pro Stock Diesel Truck      
1 Brad Ingram Faring, IL Scheid Diesel 326
2 Keith Witt Warrenton, MO Cross Wired 322
3 Matt Penn Edina, MO Penn Farms 310
4 Ivan Harvell Steward, IL Mayhem 302
5 Nathan Vegh Shelbyville, KY Jumping Jack Flash 282
6 Rod/ Dalton Tarr Rochester, IL Twisted Metal 238
7 Linda Burk Villa Grove, IL Tug Toy 188
8 Brent Meyer Redgranite, WI Lincoln Diesel Specialties 90
9 Cory Funk Oconomowoc, WI Funkengruven 82


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