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2020 Silver Series Point Standings

  9500 Limited Pro Stock      
1 Justin Wagler Morgantown, IN Real Deere 200
2 Mike Bousema Worthington, MN Limited Edition 172
3 Travis Wisel Roanoke, IN Irrational Behavior 162
4 Tom/ Nick Gallitz Jefferson, WI Runnin In the Red 154
5 Steve Bousema Worthington, MN Special Edition 152
6 Al Wright/ Kathy Gallitz Jefferson, WI Running Red Hot 138
7 Adrian Cox Trenton, MO Hickory Hooker 130
8 Chad Russell Table Grove, IL Shoot To Thrill 126
9 Darin Raterman Bartelso, IL Full Boar 124
10 Connie Mullenix Unionville, MO Gopher 116
  7800 Pro Stock Diesel Truck      
1 Carl Butler Avondale, PA Ranch Hand 251
1 Matt Penn Edina, MO Penn Farms 251
3 Brad Ingram Faring, IL Scheid Diesel 239
4 Keith Witt Warrenton, MO Cross Wired 223
5 Andrew Grove/ Cody Thomas New Freedom, PA Bad Timing 221
6 Stoney Hargett Bells, TN War Machine 219
7 Nathan Vegh Shelbyville, KY Jumping Jack Flash 211
8 Cole Faber La Moille, IL The Rumor 196
9 Ivan Harvell Steward, IL Mayhem 195


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